Big Race Analysis

I try to analyze at least one of the big races over the weekend. Other blog members might also post analysis here in the future.

My aim with these is a long term profit. If we are £1 up at the end of the season I’ll be happy, because we’ll have had plenty fun. I say this because I used to post big value horses, often at huge prices and depended on enough of them winning to keep in front. But with more and more bookies giving extended EW terms, it offers a fine opportunity to back EW. Profits might be smaller, but they should be much easier to achieve.

In the tabs below this man Race Analysis tab, you’ll find all the essays written so far, along with results and a brief post-mortem. You’ll note the header on the results tab – The site is run by a friend Chris Bagnall, who used to run it with his late father and took it over on his own in memory of his dad. is a brilliant site, especially for deep analysts. And it works just fine for day to day fans. At the foot of this post is an example of one of the daily racecards.

The monthly fee is way cheaper than the cost of the Racing Post newspaper every day, and about 1/6th of the price of the main stats site you’ll hear talked about. is restricted to UK & Ireland, but that will provide 95% of punters with what they need. Here is the link.

Here is the latest analysis – the Paddy Power Gold Cup.

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