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Forum Rules

Be kind. Don’t make personal attacks. Play the man, not the ball, in other words feel free to criticize a point of view, but not the person expressing it. For example:

ACCEPTABLE. “You said any flat horse can make a chaser. Well, I’ve not come across such a take before and I find it a foolish theory.”

NOT ACCEPTABLE “You said any flat horse can make a chaser. You must be a total fool if you believe that and even more stupid if you expect us to believe it!”


There are many wise and experienced punters contributing here, but do not ever take the content of a post and rely on it to make money. You must assume full responsibility for anything you choose to bet, irrespective of the driving force behind your decision. The best advice is the warning I always give when setting up a horse racing site or blog – never bet more than you can afford to lose with a smile. There’s plenty fun to be had with small stakes. Quite a few of our founder members – including me – bet only to small stakes. Why saddle yourself with worry for what is meant to be a fun pastime?

All bookmakers regulated by the UK Gambling Commission must display sources of help for people who feel their gambling might be getting out of hand. The phone number for Gamcare, a long established charity who are committed to treating all calls and clients with confidentiality, is 0808 8020 133 – 24 hours a day. The Gamcare website is here.

Joe McNally

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